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Diethyl Oxalate
Ethyl Oxalate; Oxalic Acid Diethyl Ester
Molecular formula:H10C6O4
Molecular weight:146.14
CAS No.:95-92-1

1.White transparent liquid combustion

2. Specific Gravity: 1.08
3. Boiling point: 185.4ºC
Usage:Mainly used as intermediate of phenobarbital, triaethanolamihe smz; also used as intermediate of plastics and solvent of fiber and perfume; synthesis of organism.
Packing:Net each in 200kg galvanizing bucket.
Ester content 99% Min.
Acidity(H2C2O4) 0.20% Max.
Water 0.10% Max.
Evaporating presidue 0.005% Max.
Dislittation test 180-188 ML 93 Min.
Specific Gravity (d2020) 1.075-1.085
Refractive (n20D) 1.405-1.415