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Molecular formula:NH2CSNH2
Molecular weight:76
CAS No.:62-56-6
Property:White crystal, bitter taste, soluble in water and alcohol.

1. Used in producing Thiourea Dioxide,replacing Sodium Hydrosulfite.

2. Used as flotation agent in gold mine.

3. Used as bleaching agent, coloring agent and antioxidant in textile industry.
4. Used as rubber vulcanization accelerator in rubber industry.
5. Used as developing or fixation stabilizer in photographic materials industry.
6. Used as electroplating additives in electroplating industry which can enhance the stability of electroplate liquid and guarantee uniformly glossy surface.
7. Used as raw materials for resin molding powder in coating industry.
8. Used as chemical reagent in chemistry.
Moreover, it could also be used in printing paper and cleaning dirt of high-pressure boil Manufacture of intermediate, rayon synthetic pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, Synthetic resins, photographic fixing agent. 

Packing:Net in 25 KG/550 KG plastic woven bag. 


99% Min

Melting point



0.1% Max

Loss on heating

0.4% Max

Thio cyanide salt

0.02% Max

Matter insoluble in water

0.02% Max