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Sodium Sulfide
Sodium Sulphide
Molecular formula:Na2S
Molecular weight:78
CAS No.:1313-82-2
Property:Red or yellow flake, easily oxidized when exposed to air, it is not stable, melting point is 50℃, soluble in water, aqueous solution is alkaline, when react with acid will escape hydrogen, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether.

Depilatory for hides and skins, manufacture of rubber, sulphur dyes, rayon (denitrating) , paperpulp, ore floatation, metal refining, engraving, cotton printing, as chemical intermediates and laboratory reagent. 

1.In dye industry to produce sulfer dye stuff, sulfide green, blue or dye intermediates reductant mordant etc. 

2.Used in non-ferrous metallurgical industry, ore flotation agent.

3.Used in leather-making industry as depilatory cream for raw hides.

4.Used in paper making industry as pulp blending and cooking agent.

5.Used in producing sodium thiosulphate, sodium polysulphide and sodium hydrosulphide.

Packing:Net in 25KG plastic woven bag.