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Sodium Humate
CAS No.:68131-04-4
Property:Black powder or granule flake, PH 9-10, it'll transfer to Ha colloid when put it in acid solution.

1. As stimulant for plant growing

Using Ha-Na solution with concentration 0.001-0.05%, to seed soaking, root dipping, spraying and irrigating, it can promote crop grow and develop, increase plant physiological metabolism and body enzyme activity, improve output and modify quality of product, normally it can increase yield of crop to 10-25%.

2. As organic carrier for liquid fertilizer

Using this product, to mix 10-15% of Ha-Na solution, add all kinds of nutrient, to make Humic Acid organic liquid fertilizer, mainly content of N.P.K, and add some trace elements. It can be broadly used in vegetable, fruit trees, tea etc.

Economical crop cultivating with soil and without soil. Applying this kind of liquid fertilizer, can improve crop absorbing utilization ratio of fertilizer, increase crop yield, modify quality of crop, owing to synthetical and psychological function of Humic Acid, it can improve 5-7% vitamin and containing sugar content, also can enhance disease-resistant of crop, reduce use pesticide. Liquid fertilizer of Humic acid also caneffectively modify physical and chemical property of soil, raise water maintaining and ventilating of the soil. Therefore Humic acid liquid fertilizer is one the first choice green fertilizer of zoology agriculture. By applying this kind of fertilizer, can increase yield of vegetable economical crop 25-40%.

3. Prevention and control of plant diseases and elimination of pests.

It can prevent and control rotten disease of apple trees.

4. As additive for animal feed

To add Ha-Na in feed for pig, cow, sheep, etc. Livestock, it can promote process of metabolism, speed up growth development, modify quality of meat, increase yield of meat (eggs, milk), it can make fur of livestock shine, reduce bad smell of excrement and urine, also it can prevent and control many kinds of disease, enhance disease resistant of livestock body. When Ha-Na is compounding with Urea, veterinary feed, you'll get better effects when feed with Ha-Ha, normally can reduce fatten term of fatty pig 30-50days, weight can increase 20-30%, lean meat rate can improve 12%, save up common feed protein 20%, it can increase 1-3 times of milk yield of cow. 25% of laying hen rate of hen, raises 3 times for diseased chicken recovery to health rate. It also has better effect for fish, prawn, silkworm etc breed.

5. As additives for porcelain mud

Put Ha-Na to porcelain mud, graphite tool material, porcelain enamel materials, it can increase strength of blank base, reduce damage of half-finished products, enhance plasticity specification, easy to shape, increase thick liquid mud flow degree, and reduce enamel drop off and lack of enamel, defect of lack enamel, improve output and quality of products. In thin embryo crafts, electrical porcelain, toilet porcelain, building porcelain etc. Top grade and technical porcelain effect more obvious.

6. As dirt-resistant agent and water stabilizer

In steam locomotive and industry, civil low-pressure boiler, add Ha-Na-Na2COdirt-resistant agent, the speed for producing dirt will lower than normal water treatment 50%, it'll save coal 20%, save 20% of water treatment expenses. In industry cooling-water and circulating water, if add Ha-Na, it can make water quality stable, and with function of soft water, disperse, dirt-resistant, slow release.

7. As treatment agent for petroleum and natural gas

Add Ha-Na to artesian well liquid, it can effectively reduce mud filtration loss,modify flow distortion, keep artesian well liquid faithful stable.

8. The others

Ha-Na has obvious application effect in mill run agent, powder coal molding adhesive agent, found molding sand dispersant, fruit tree rotten disease medicine, anti-inflammation hemostasia medicine, cultivate feed ferment, make dyes, and coats etc.

Packing:Net in 25KG plastic woven bag/compound paper bag.