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Barium Chloride
Molecular formula:BaCl2; BaCl2·2H2O
Molecular weight:208.23; 244.26
CAS No.:10361-37-2; 10326-27-9

Anhydrous Property: White powder, easily soluble in water. It is easily become monohydrated salt when it exposed to the air.

Dihydrate Property: White powder, specific gravity: 3.86. Stable in the air, toxic to human beings and animals.
Usage:Used in producing barium salt materials, cotton reverting dyeing, leather industry, pesticide insecticide, fabric dyeing, mordant, water softener, steam antiscale, paper making, lake toner, etc.
Packing:In plastic woven bag with inner plastic bag, N.W.: 25kg, 1200kg / bag, etc.