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Calcium Formate
Calcium Diformate
Molecular formula:Ca(HCOO)2
Molecular weight:130
CAS No.:544-17-2
Property:White crystalline powder, slightly moisture absorption, bitter, medium properties, non toxic, S.G.:2.023(20°C) ,Tap density 900-1000g/kg, decomposition temperature >400°C.

1.Feed grade used as acidifying agent in all kinds of animal feeds, mildew preventive, antibacterial agent, effectively preventing diarrhea, could adjust the intestinal function to promote nutrients absorption. Food industrial additives, plant growth regulator.

2.Tech grade used for the rapid curing agent, lubricant and early strength of the cement. mainly used in the building industry act as an industrial chemical compound and faster setting, early strength gain accelerating admixture for concrete or mortars.
3.For various kinds of dry mixing mortar, various kinds of concrete, wear-resisting material, floor industry.
4.For flue gas desulfurization in the boiler system.
5.Oil industry drillers. 
6.Leather industry auxiliaries, widely used in high-grade leather manufacturing.
7.And a variety of chemical products manufacturing.
Packing:in 25kg plastic woven bag or paper bag compound with plastic, in 1100kg, 1200kg, 1250kg big bags