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Caustic Soda
Molecular formula:NaOH
Molecular weight:40.01
CAS No.:1310-73-2
Property:Pure caustic soda is Colorless, transparent crystals, melting point:318.4℃, boiling point:1390℃, crispy. Pure solid caustic soda appear white, block, flake, bead, easily soluble in water, can release lots of heat. in water appear alkaline, feeling creamy. Soluble in ethanol and glycerol, not soluble in acetone, ether. Strong corrosive, corrupt fiber, skin, glass, ceramic, etc.
Usage:It is used for making chemicals, the paper, soap and detergent, artificial silk and cellophane, make and oxidize aluminium, use for the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics of the fabrics and deal with bauxite of processing. Used for removing hydrogen sulfide and sulphide of the sulphur alcohol in the petroleum industry of refining. Use for food processing (peel the vegetables and fruit) and refined vegetable oil. Can replace some soda ash and make glass. Process regenerated glue, acid waste water treatment and overcast ion exchange resin regeneration, etc.
Packing:Net in 25KG plastic woven bag/200 KG steel drum.





99.0% Min

99.0% Min


0.6% Max

0.8% Max


0.1% Max

0.05% Max


0.01% Max

0.008% Max