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Lactic Acid
2-Hydroxy propionic acid, L+Lactic acid 80% food grade
Molecular formula:CH3CH(OH)COOH
Molecular weight:90.08
CAS No.:79-33-4
Property:colorless to pale yellow syrup and hygroscopic liquid with slightly acid odor.

(a) For Food

Sour agent: Lactic acid is widely used in beverages, alcoholics, pastries, candies and others.
Fungicide: Lactic acid for slaughter in the process of pollution control and the brewing process in the bacteria pollution control.
Flavor agent: Lactic acid is a component of essence, add lactic acid in edible essence can improve product’s flavor naturally.
(b) For Industrial
Complexing agents: In chemical nickel- plating, lactic acid become the first complexing agents choice because of its fast plating rate and good stability.
Biodegradable material: With lactic acid as raw materials can be made of poly-lactic acid, because poly-lactic acid has a good biological degradability, in the future poly-lactic acid products will replace polyethylene products which take petroleum as raw material for sure.
(c) For Daily Chemical Products
Moisturizing agent: Lactic acid can be used in the preparation of cleaning supplies, lotion or bath foam, and to improve the organizational structure of the skin, eliminating wrinkles and stains. It has a obvious effect on treatment rough skin, acne and so on.
Packing:in 25kg plastic drum, 250kg drum, 1200kg IBC drum