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Aluminium Hydroxide
Aluminum Oxide Trihydrate
Molecular formula:Al(OH)3
Molecular weight:78.0
CAS No.:21645-51-2
Property:white powder
Usage:Used for waterproof fabric, printing ink, glass, paper, packing, mordant, rags, also used for aluminium salts, lubricant manufacturing etc.
Packing:4.25kg plastic woven bag with inner liner or 900kg/1000kg big bag. 
Items Standard
Al(OH)3 99.7% Min.
D50,μm 0.8-1.4
Fe2O3 0.01% Max.
Na2O 0.3% Max.
SiO2 0.02% Max.
Whiteness 97% Min.
Moisture 0.35% Max.
Oil absorption rate ml/100g 45 Max.