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Molecular formula:NaHSO2.CH2O.2H2O
Molecular weight:154.12
Property:White crystal powder, has the strong reducibility under high temperature, Soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, decomposition in diluted acid . Aqueous solution is stable under 50 ℃, decompositionobviouslyabove 60 ℃
Usage:Its mainly used as a discharging agent in printing and dyeing industry and as an active agent for producing styrene-butadiene rubber and synthetic resin. Besides, it is also used as a decolorant and bleaching agent for some organic compounds. It is also used to bleach sugar juice. caramel, etc. In food industry. It may be substituted for the sodium hydrosulfite in some special conditions.
Packing:Net in 25KG/50KG Plastic Barrels.

Names of index


Content of CH2O.NaHSO2%

98 Min

Water insoluble

0.4 Max

state of solution

Water solution clear or microturbid


No presence of black color is allowed


No smell or a little smell of leek

Fe %

0.01 Max