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PVC Resin
Molecular formula:[C2H3Cl]n
CAS No.:75-01-4
Property:PVC resin, physical appearance is white powder, non-toxic, odourless.Relative densityis1.35 to 1.46, the refractive indexis1.544 (20 ℃), insoluble in water, gasoline, alcohol and vinyl chloride, soluble in acetone, ethylene dichloride, xyleneetc.solvent,havehigh chemical stability, good plasticity.
Usage:PVC resin can be processed into all kinds of plastic products, according to its USES can be divided into soft and hard two categories of products, mainly for the production of transparent sheets, pipe, the gold card, blood transfusion equipment, soft and hard pipe, plate, doors and Windows, profiles, film, electrical insulation, cable sheath, blood transfusion, etc.
Packing:Net in 25KG Plastic Woven Bag.

Specification Index



Viscosity Number


Purity of volatiles including water    

0.40% max

Apparent density            

0.48 g/mlmin

Residue on sieve  

0.25mm sieve      

2.0% max

0.063mm sieve     

95% min

Mesh number  per/400cm2         


Plasticizer absorption per 100g resin

19 g min

Whitness 160℃,10min

78% min

Residual chlorethylene