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Molecular formula:C(CH2OH)4
Molecular weight:136.15
CAS No.:115-77-5
Property:White crystal or powder, boiling point 276/30mmHG ,Specific gravity:1.396.
Usage:Penta is a solid, high-melting crystalline material. It is a four-functional polyalcohol with all primary hydroxyl groups. Penta is a key raw material in the production of alkyds, including high-solids and waterborne, for many types of paint. Penta contributes to good hardness and drying. It is also used in a number of esters, such as rosin esters for adhesives and painting inks, fatty aid esters for synthetic lubricants, and acrylic acid esters for radiation curing. In addition, penta is used in phenolic antioxidants for polyolefines. The micronized form is used in fire-retardant systems and PVC stabilizers.
Packing:Net in 25KG Plastic Woven Bag.