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N-Methyl Pyrrolidone
Molecular formula:C5H9NO
Molecular weight:99.134

1. Electronic grade: It is applicable to lithium batteries, aramid fiber, PPS, ultrafiltra-tion film and other industries.
2. Pharmaceutical grade: It is applicable to medical, pharmaceutical, veterinaryt solvents, intermediates and other industries. 

3. Industrial grade: It is applicable to the acetylene concentration, butadiene extraction,electrical insulating materials, high-grade paints, pesticide adjuvants, inks, paints, indus-trial cleaning agent and other industries.


Galvanized buckets (net weight: 200KG),

Paint coated buckets (net weight: 200KG),

HDPE buckets (net weight:200KG),

IBC buckets (net weight: 1000 KG),

GB standard stainless steel ISOTANK (NW: 20MT) and stainless land tankers (30MT).