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Molecular formula:C2H2O2
Molecular weight:58.04
CAS No.:107-22-2
Property:It is a colorless or yellowish transparent liquid, its specific gravity 1.26g/cm3. It is soluble in water, ether and ethanol. Its chemical property is very active and easy to aggregate into a white resinous solid.

1. It can produce acetals with compounds containing hydroxyl, and is mainly used as raw materials for glyoxylic acid, M2D resin, imidazole and other products.

2. It can be used as insoluble adhesives for gelatin, animal glue, cheese, polyvinyl alcohol and starch, and shrinkage inhibitors for rayon. 
3. In medicine, it is mainly used for special cycloimidazole drugs, such as metronidazole, dimethyl nidazole, imidazole and so on.
4. In the intermediate aspect, it is the intermediate for glyoxylic acid, D-hydroxyphenylglycine, allantoin, benzygynx, berberine and so on. 
5. In light textile, it is mainly used as clothing finishing agent, 2D resin, M2D resin, etc.
6. In the paper industry, it is mainly used as sizing agent to increase the wet strength of paper.
7. In polymer chemistry, it is a very effective cross-linking factor, as a cross-linking agent.
8. In the construction industry, it is used as cement curing agent, to improve solidification strength, and it is used as the treatment of landslides, and it can prevent soil loss to prevent landslides.

Packing:250KG/plastic barrel, or packed according to the requirements of customers.




Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid


20 APHA Max.


40% Min.


2.0 % Max.


500ppm Max.

Total acid (as formic acid)

0.20% Max.