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Glacial Acetic Acid
Acetic Acid
Molecular formula:CH3COOH
Molecular weight:60.05
CAS No.:64-19-7
Property:Clear and colorless liquid, with a pungent odor, miscible with water, ethanol, glycerin and aether but not with carbon bisulfide.

1. As one of most important organic raw materials, it is mainly used in such products as vinyl acetate, acetic anhydride, diketene, acetate ester, acetate, acetate fiber and chloroactic acid etc.

2. It is an important raw material for synthesized fiber, gooey, medicines, pesticides and dyes.
3. It is a good organic solvent. It is widely applied in such industries as of plastics, rubbers and printing etc.
4. In food industry field, it used as an acidifier, flavoring agent.
Packing:In 30kg/215kg/1050kg IBC drum or ISO TANK.