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Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid
Molecular formula:C10H16O8N2
Molecular weight:292.24
Property:EDTA is a white crystal powder. Its melting point is 240 ℃ (decomposition). Its dissolving degree in water is 0.5g/L (25℃). It is insoluble in common organic solvents. It is soluble in boiling water 160 times as much, and soluble in alkali solvents like sodium hydroxide. At 150, it shows the tendency to depart from carboxyl.

An agent for complexation. EDTA is mainly used for water treatment, as an additive to detergent, a chemical for photography, paper-making, and oil-field. It is also used as detergent for boiler cleaning and reagent in chemical analysis.

1.High molecular chemical industry: EDTA is used as polymerization activator for butyl benzene latex, and polyreaction terminator in acrylic fiber production.

2.Daily-use chemicals: EDTA is used as additive to detergent, skin cream and hair-conditioner.

3.Paper-making: EDTA is used for steamed fibertreatment. It will raise the whiteness of the paper and reduce the incrustation in the steamer.

4.Pharmaceutical industry

5.Textile dyeing and printing: EDTA will raise the colorability of the dyestuff and brightness of the dyed fabric.


1.Net each in 25kg plastic woven bag,lined with PE bag.

2.According to the requirements of the customer.