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Citric Acid
Molecular formula:C6H8O7;C6H8O7.H2O
Molecular weight:192.1;210.14
CAS No.:77-92-9;5949-29-1

AnhydrousProperty: colorless or white crystalline powder. deliquescent in humid air and efflorescent in dry air.

MonohydrateProperty: colourless crystals or white crystalline granules (technical grade with light yellow colour), odorless, taste intensely tart flavour, readily soluble in water and ethanol.

Usage:it is used as sour agent and preservative in food industry, preparation of citrate in pharmaceutical industry it also can be used as detergent in ordinary industry.
Packing:It is packed with plastic bag as liner, two layers, kraft-bags, as the intermediate layer and a chemical fibre woven bag as the outer layer the net weight each bag is 25kg.