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Aluminium Sulfate
Aluminium Sulphate
Molecular formula:Al2(SO4)3. XH2
CAS No.:10043-01-3
Property:flakes, powder, bulk, granular to dissolve easily in water, do not dissolve in the aqueous solution as the acidity, dehydrating temperature at 86.5 ℃, heat to 250 ℃ lose to crystal, heat to 300℃ the beginning of resolve, heat to 770 ℃ resolve to AL2O3, SO3, etc. Having no water has the chatoyant and white crystal in pearl.
Usage:It is used for primarily high class paper white manufacturing, still used for flocculate agent with drinking water, industry using water and waste water processing; Producing the catalyst carries, artificial precious stone with other aluminum salt etc. Extensive used as the grease clarifier, the petroleum deodorization takes off color, concrete waterproof an etc.
Packing:Net in 25KG/ 50KG plastic woven bag.

Aluminum Oxide (AL2O3)%

16.5% Min

17% Min

15.6% Min


0.005% Max

0.01% Max

0.5% Max


3 Min

3 Min

3 Min

Water-insoluble Matters

0.04% Max

0.1% Max

0.1% Max