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Ammonium Persulfate
Ammonium Persulphate
Molecular formula:(NH4)2S2O8
Molecular weight:228.19
CAS No.:7727-54-0
Property:Ammonium persulfate is a white, tasteless crystal with little moisture absorption. Strong oxidation and corrosion, easy to decompose when heated. It can be hydrolyzed to ammonium bisulfate and hydrogen peroxide in aqueous solution.

APS is a suitable initiator for the emulsion or solution polymerisation of acrylic monomers, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride etc. For the emulsion polymerisation of styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene etc. APS is also a kind of oxidizing agent:

1. Used in cleaning and pickling of metal surfaces.

2. Used in accelerated curing of low formaldehyde adhesives.

3. Used in modification of starch, production of binders and coating materials.

4. Desizing agent and bleach activator.

5. An essential component of bleaching formulations for hair cosmetics.

Packing:Net in 25KG plastic woven bag, lined with PE bag net each.