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Iron Oxide Yellow
Molecular formula:Fe2O3∙H20
Molecular weight:177.71
CAS No.:51274-00-1

Iron oxide pigment has good physical and chemical properties.

Soda-resisting: It is very stability to alkaline matter, such as cement and lime. It has no weathering function to cement and has no function to its strength.

Acid-resisting: It has relative stability to ordinary weak acid and thin acid, but does not resist to powerful acid.

Light-resisting, weather-resisting: It has best light-resisting and weather-resisting. Its color can not be changed by shine upon strongly.

Heat-resisting: Its color can not be changed under relative temperature, the limit temperature for various products is as follows:

Fine-resisting, dissolve-resisting: It can not be dissolved to water, all various mineral oil and vegetable oil and organic solvent.

Else: It can reinforce the function of paint's antirust. It has no function to rubber product's vulcanization.

Usage:It can be broadly used for pigmentation in building man-made marble, and colorful cement. It's pigment for watercolor, paint color, paint, and rubber, plastic color, also can used for magnetic material industry.
Packing:Net in 25KG plastic woven bag.